Sole manufacturer

Faulhaber – Our name stands for tradition and great quality products

As the sole manufacturer of game calls bearing the FAULHABER brand name, our products have been a renowned success with thousands of hunters all over the world. Every game call is carefully manufactured from clean synthetic resin as well as tested and certified by our specialists.

100 % Made in Austria – Our name carries a long-standing tradition


Run as a traditional family business, Faulhaber Wildlocker has been a well-established brand with professional and recreational hunters, filmmakers and photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Our game calls have been popular with enthusiasts around the world for decades.

The ideas behind the game calls date back to 1865 and have since been refined and improved in countless experiments.

Initially manufactured from wood, the first generation of game calls was prone to damage from moisture and temperature shifts. This meant that an alternative material had to be found.

Our researchers worked tirelessly, testing a broad range of materials before finally discovering our signature acoustic alloy in 1954.

From that point on, we were able to replace wood as the basic material with the newly found mixture of synthetics. This success story has since been affirmed and recognized through various international awards and other accolades.

Our products stand out through their smart design, elegance and high level of quality.

Through our international network of distributors and competitive pricing, we have been able to establish and secure a spot as the world’s leading brand for game calls. Our customers value our products for their longevity and their reliability.