FAULHABER complete Deer Roe calling L in a set of 4 nostalgic edition


The complete FAULHABER-Deer call set is the result of more than 20 years research of deer calls and unites in a waterproof case the doe call (Fiep), does-lament (Sprengfiep), cry of anguish (Geschrei) and fawn’s distress call (Kitz).

  • The doe call imitates the mating calls used to attract bucks
  • The doe’s lament the calls for stronger bucks, following natures ways of natural selection
  • The cry of anguish imitates the calls of does having not yet attained the peak of their rut, which are harassed by bucks.
  • The fawn’s distress call finally imitates the young one’s call for its mother, which, attracted by the calls approaches, ac-companied by the buck.

A detailed instruction sheet is enclosed.

The complete FAULHABER-Deer call set in an a weatherproof case. We have been often approached by our customers to provide a suitable case of this set for gift-purposes.

Therefore we created our Wooden Box Deer call set.

Material: acoustic synthetic alloy, in a weatherproof casing
Color: Green
100% Made in Austria

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