FAULHABER fawn distress call


Following two decades of exhaustive observation of deer in open nature, notwithstanding the close attention paid to deer kept in captivity and in cooperation with an expert instrument-maker, we finally succeeded in producing deer-calls which can compare to all other first class products currently available on the market, as far as the fidelity of the produced effects and the true-to-life results of the complete range of calls are concerned.

The “FAULHABER fawn distress call (“Kitz”) is held like the doe’s call (“Fiep”). To produce the monosyllabic, hardly vibrating fawn’s distress call, which sounds like an “ee”, corresponding to the pitch of a “high E” and audible up to a distance of 400 to 500 paces, proceed as follows: Breathe the syllable “ee” sharply into the instrument, maintaining it for 1/2 to 3/4 of a second, breaking off abruptly. (The call should be used with caution; only if roebuck and doe stand close to each other, as dams are easily alarmed).

Start with one fawn’s call, followed by another after a short pause. After another interval, meanwhile watching the doe constantly, produce 3 to 6 tones in rapid succession. Then, according to the situation, single or double tones followed immediately with 3 to 6 tones in the fastest possible succession.

Material: acoustic synthetic alloy, weatherproof
Color: army green
100% Made in Austria

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