FAULHABER does lament (Deer Call) NEW


Following two decades of exhaustive observation of deer in open nature, notwithstanding the close attention paid to deer kept in captivity and in cooperation with an expert instrument-maker, we finally succeeded in producing deer-calls which can compare to all other first class products currently available on the market, as far as the fidelity of the produced effects and the true-to-life results of the complete range of calls are concerned.

The doe’s lament call (“Sprengfiep”) is held between the lower joints of the thumb and the index finger. The thumb presses on the push-button, the groove of the counter-screw – facing upwards – is pressed against the third joint of the index finger, while the other fingers curve over the bell thereby extending it.

In order to imitate the laments, with the mouthpiece enclosed by the lips, fully press the push-button, swallow all saliva and breathe the syllable “ee” into the instrument. Hold the tone for 1/3 to half a second. After the desired length of tone, release the push-button gently and gradually with the thumb never losing contact (very important). This produces 2 or 3, sometimes 4 lower after-tones, ranging from sounds like “a” or “ah” to “oo” and breaking off immediately after the “oo” sound.

Material: acoustic synthetic alloy, weatherproof
Color: army-green
100% Made in Austria

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