FAULHABER Red Deer / Stag / Elk call + fawn distress call


  • NEW Design since 2018 in armygreen & matte black
  • 3 pieced, assembled, ready to use – length 18cm, fully extended 46,5cm, weighting only 100g.
  • Since 2009 continuous winner equipment of the European Championship
  • Material: special acoustic synthetic alloy, weatherproof, unbreakable
  • Color Stag call: army green / matte black
  • Color fawn distress call: depending on your choice
Delivery time: 2-7 days
100% Made in Austria
In stock
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The FAULHABER Stag call (Hirschruf) is a collapsible 3-piece instrument, weighing only 100g, 47cm in length (fully extended) and owing to its soft but powerful accoustics does away with the heavy, bulky triton-shells. Furthermore it is unbreakable and weather-proof.

The detailed instruction-sheet describes the various rutting calls and their proper use.

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Armeegrün + Schwarz/Armeegrün, Armeegrün, Armeegrün + Armeegrün/Schwarz


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