FAULHABER big gift set NEW


Large FAULHABER gift set, 21×27 cm

It contains 18 calls or lures for the small game hunt including a premium wooden box.

  1. complete deer call set (consists of 4 calls)
  2. fox lure kit (consists of 2 calls)
  3. hasel grouse set (consists of 2 calls)
  4. crow call set (consists of 2 calls)
  5. jay call
  6. magpie call
  7. duck call
  8. bird of prey call
  9. partridge call
  10. snipe call
  11. wild boar call
  12. dove call

The instructions are stored in a separate folder in the box lid. The various alloy cases are provided in a separate cardboard box. The gift set is covered in soft inlayed material with gold lettering.

Material: wooden luxury set
Color: Green
100% Made in Austria


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