FAULHABER hazel grouse set of 2


  • Consists of the cock’s double whistle and the hen call
  • Material: special acoustic synthetic alloy, weatherproof, unbreakable, comes with a case
  • Color: ivory
  • This set is also used to draw the attention of foxes
Delivery time: 2-7 days
100% Made in Austria
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The FAULHABER hazel grouse set consists of the cock’s double whistle and the hen call. The combined use of the cock whistle and the hen call provides, as explained in the detailed instruction sheet, the best opportunities to attract cocks or scattered flights of hazel hen.

Grouse cocks

The whistle of the young cock is produced with the shorter side of the whistle, the call of the old cock, which is slightly lower in tone, with the longer part. By partially covering or gliding the index finger along the middle cut-out of the whistle, various modulations of the call can be reproduced in a lifelike manner. Instead of using the finger, more experienced hunters usually press the decoy whistle against the palate and modulate the call with the lower lip. In this case, which has the advantage that both hands are free for immediate use of the gun, the middle cut-out is directed downwards. The call of the cock is clear and “dashing”. “Wer ein rauhes Pfeifen beginnt, der keinen Hahn gewinnt” – this German proverb roughly says one has to whistle with sensitivity in order to succeed with hunting cocks.

Grouse hens

The call of the hen can be easily reproduced on the second instrument. To create the somewhat rough call of the hen, which seems to consist of various tones audible at the same time, the hen call is put between the lips so the air can exit simultaneously through both holes. The blow should not be too strong as the sound should have a slightly hissing tone.


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