FAULHABER crow set calls – in a set of two NEW


The FAULHABER crow set combines the two above mentioned calls and the explicit instructions show how to change hunting posts at will. Not without reason it is called an „owl hut in your pocket”.

The crow call (Nebelkrähe) imitates the two most important signals i.e. the “rest call” and the “signal call”. These are extensively described in the information brochure. As the use of crow calls alone is sometimes not enough to attain the wanted results and based on the fact that daylight birds of prey are adversaries of nocturnal birds of prey.

The tawny owl call (Steinkauz) was developed on demand of our customers. lts startling results in crows, approaching to hunt their enemy, enable the hunter to continue to attract crows when the use of the crow’s call alone is not possible any longer as crows are already in the vicinity. The detailed instructions give usefule hints.

Material: acoustic synthetic alloy, in a weatherproof casing
Color: Black and Armygreen/Lightgreen
100% Made in Austria

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